Literary Club

VISION: To build passion for creative writing and literature among students

MISSION: To integrate the skills of logical thinking, disciplines for writing & speaking spontaneously and provides a platform to express.

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To act as positive catalyst for upgrading and honing student skills and make them innovative initiators. The cell ignites the light of enlightenment in every GATIAN’s mind by conducting creative literary events. The Club is run by students who are interested in reading and are talented in writing. They present reviews of books that may invoke interest among other students as well as recommend good books to be procured by the college library. The activities of this club also involve the creation of written materials in various forms such as short stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc. We try to invoke interest in writing among other students by holding competitions and by displaying work produced by the students. We can also devise ways and means by which the reading habit can be improved among the students. We help improving critical thinking too. . In our club, infinity is the limit of creativity.

Faculty Co ordinator

Mrs. B. Sree Jyothsna

Bimal Kujur (MBA)

Student Coordinator

Aneesh (BBA)

Student Members

Aishwarya (BBA)