Corporate Connect Cell

VISION: To develop a network with Industry stalwarts as well transform the student fraternity into exemplary corporate leaders.

MISSION:To create exponential learning atmosphere that fosters individual investment in intellectual capital for their future professional endeavours.

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The Corporate Connect Cell is a strategic initiative undertaken by GATES to invite corporate giants to share their real-life corporate and business experiences with students not as standalone ‘experience’ sharing sessions but as integral part of the curriculum. Eminent industry experts and entrepreneurs from various fields share their experiences in the context of theoretical discourses the students have undergone. The cell extends its mentorship to make the budding managers industry ready.

Faculty Co ordinator

Mr. N. Lakshmi Raghuram

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Srikanth Reddy Mukku (MBA)

Student Coordinator

: P. Gopi Priya (BBA)

Student Member

Keerthi (BBA)