INSPIRO Fest 29th Feb 2020 on Gates Institute of Management and Sciences Campus


ICAI-Mayukha 2K20

Our students participated with great effort in State level convention @ Vijayawada chapter ( ICAI ) MAYUKHA 2K20


Mr.P. Sandesh Kumar ( CEO - Coolex Industries)

The session went well with discussing the major concepts on Entreprenuership quoating ‘Food Industry’and businesses into quick service restaurant.


Mr.Lakshmi Narayana (Pi Data Centers)

He Addressed the students on how management students can mould their carreer in IT sector an d motivated students to get job in different field of technology.


Lt Gen V.K. Chathurvedi

He Addressed the students to choose to be graet personalities and touch the lives of others significantly instead of just being best in which ever field they opt.


Ms. Harpreet Kaur, Soft Skills Trainer

She Addresed the students on imporatnce of communication , presentation skills and how to overcome the problems faced by students in present scenario.


Mr P.Ravi Kiran ( CEO - Ramesh Hospitals)

He Addressed the students on how to get funding for start up from different sources and also given the guidance for students .


Mr. D. Jaya Shankar ( Data Analyst) Yash Technologies

He Addressed the MBA students on importance of business analytics in present market and explained in practical manner with examples.


Rota Fair

ROTA FAIR – MID TOWN ROTARY on 5/10/2019 - 6/10/2019


T.R.K. Singh (Corporate Soft Skills Trainer)

He Addressed the business persons How to overcome the obstacles faced in present scenario and also said that financial crisis is not a problem to do business .


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